Resi Select: Turnaround times remain at one business day!

01st Mar, 2024 | Broker News, Select Product

We’re continuing to provide fast, efficient service with turnaround times remaining at one business day for new applications, variations and construction progress payments. For full details check out the service levels page on the Advantedge website.

Simple, stress-free variations

A customer’s home loan needs may change overtime and our variations process, along with our consistently fast turnaround times, help make these changes simple and stress-free for both you and your customers.

For loan variations requiring credit assessment, you can submit these using the Resi Select variation form. This form is available in your aggregator system and can be used for:

  • limit increases
  • changing repayments from Principal & Interest to Interest Only
  • changes to the Interest Only term
  • changes involving guarantors, trusts and companies

For non-credit critical loan variations, simply visit our Digital Variations Hub where you can submit the following requests:

  • fix a loan
  • split a loan
  • change the loan purpose
  • merge loans
  • transfer the limit between splits
  • break a fixed rate
  • convert a loan from Interest Only to Principal & Interest
  • reduce a loan limit

Further support

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a customer’s scenario, please contact your Resi BDM or Broker Support for more information.

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