Resi Renew/Restart White Hot Rates Package

10th Apr, 2024 | Broker News, Renew-Restart Product

Here are some changes you need to know about, effective 8 April 2024.

Update on Interest Rates

Until 27 June 2024, we’re offering the following promotions.

Variable Interest Rates

Clients need some help? For a limited time, access savings between 10 to 75bps for select LVR bands and loan options1. The promotion applies to:
– Near Prime Clear Full Doc option: >80 – 95% LVR
– Near Prime Clear Alt Doc option: >80% – 90% LVR
– Near Prime Full Doc option: >75 -80% LVR
– Near Prime Alt Doc option: >70% -85% LVR

Fixed Interest Rates

Give your clients certainty at a great rate. Lock in today’s variable rate for 2, 3 and 5 years, across Prime to Specialist loan options with no additional loading2. Plus, with no break fees, it just makes sense.

To lock in these interest rates for 90 days from Final Approval, submit the Fixed Interest Rate Lock Authority Request form (fees apply3).

Exclusive to White Label

Until 27 June 2024, we’re offering the following promotions:

Investor loans
In addition to our comprehensive policy features and reduced serviceability buffer, we’re also discounting our loadings for investor purchases by 20bps for all Near Prime Clear, Near Prime and Specialist home loan options4.

Construction loans
Got a construction or vacant land deal on your desk? Talk to us. We’re reducing construction interest rates across all LVRs and loan options! Broker’s clients can access significant savings with discounts up to 177bps5.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please contact your business development manager (BDM).

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