Resi Rescue September: Paying LMI Premium Monthly

04th Sep, 2023 | Broker News, Resi Rescue


  • Purchase – Purchase of Owner Occupied house 
  • Loan amount – $600,000
  • LVR – 95% plus LMI paid monthly
  • Credit History – clear
  • Product – Resi Essentials Prime Full Doc
  • Income Type – PAYG


Robert’s Story

Robert is purchasing his first Owner Occupied home and requires 95% LVR to make this purchase. (Robert has sufficient funds to cover costs).

He was having difficulty with finding a lender that would lend 95% market value of the home. Normally LMI is capitalised on to the loan amount, restricting maximum borrowing power.


Why he came to Resi

  • Choosing to pay LMI monthly (rather than capitalising onto the loan) is possible with Resi Essential Options
  • Robert has been given greater buying power and can borrow 95% LVR for the home itself, paying the LMI premium monthly
  • Robert has a more cost effective approach as the monthly LMI cost is only payable until the LVR reaches 75%
  • Monthly LMI payments will also cease if Robert chooses to sell the property or refinance to another lender
  • Robert can potentially save thousands in LMI costs in the future


Resi’s Solution

Resi Essential Options Prime Full Doc with the option of paying LMI monthly. 


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