Despite the massive challenges the pandemic posed, it provided great opportunities for strengthening client relationships. With vaccination rates at high double-digit levels, we are gradually moving towards putting the pandemic behind us. Here’s a look at permanent post-pandemic changes within the mortgage broking space.


While virtual collaboration served as a means to continue business and support clients remotely during the pandemic, it is here to stay. Existing and prospective borrowers would like the convenience and choice to opt between virtual and in-person interactions. As a mortgage broking business, it’s best to ensure that you offer clients this flexibility and are fully equipped to support them remotely.

Optimal Turnaround times

With property stock moving at its current pace and prices surging at double-digit yearly figures, borrowers are looking for timely finance to ensure they don’t miss out on a good property deal. Use remote collaboration and selection of the right lender to your advantage. A lender with a reasonable turnaround time will ensure a hassle-free submission process and timely settlement. For more tips on managing the turnaround time of the home loan process, click HERE.


With borrowers losing jobs during the pandemic and many shifting to ‘gig employment’ permanently, securing the right home loan now depends on individual borrower circumstances. Add to this a more complex post-covid landscape. As a mortgage broker, you can offer clients the benefit of investing time in understanding their goals and challenges. Selecting the right lender that provides solutions for niche challenges is also crucial. If inadequate income proof and the document is a concern, consider ‘Alt-doc’ options. If bad credit is the challenge, look at ‘near prime’ loans.


With many borrowers going through very challenging financial circumstances during the pandemic, trust is another deciding factor. As mortgage brokers, you offer borrowers an additional layer of protection through ‘Best Interest Duty’ that lenders don’t. For tips on explaining the concept of ‘Best Interest Duty’ to borrowers, click HERE.

Digital Mortgages

Many in the mortgage industry incorrectly believe that digital mortgages will result in lesser business for mortgage brokers. Digital mortgages are nothing but a means for borrowers to leave their initial details digital online. However, once the applicants leave their details online, a mortgage broker is required to provide the borrower with suitable home loan recommendations. So, whether it’s a regular mortgage or a digital one, a broker plays an indispensable role in both options. For our take on why we believe the rise of digital mortgages is a massive opportunity for the mortgage industry, click HERE.

Finally, the right home loan product is just as important as the correct understanding of the borrower’s challenges and goals. At Resi, not only do we offer a great rate, an extensive range of options for the regular, investor, Alt-doc and Near-prime home loans, we also have a great turnaround time and straightforward application process.

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