Resi Agility – Interest Rate Update April 2023

27th Apr, 2023 | Agility Product

Reduced rates to help self-employed and credit-impaired borrowers

Resi Agility has dropped interest rates on Prime Alt Doc, Specialist Full Doc, and Specialist Alt Doc products.

Rate reductions include:

  • Prime Alt Doc by up to 15bps,
  • Specialist Full Doc by up to 145bps, and
  • Specialist Alt Doc by up to 198bps.

The new rates are effective for applications submitted from today, Thursday 27 April 2023.

Further, we have reduced our serviceability assessment buffer to 2.00%p.a. for all products.

This means the ‘stressed assessment rate’ for all products is the higher of either:

  • the actual rate plus a 2.00%p.a. loading, or
  • a floor assessment rate of 5.75%p.a.

The Prime and Specialist Serviceability Calculator has been updated to reflect this change.

We’ve made it easier to assess self-employed borrower income by adding a BAS tab to the calculator.

New Serviceability calculator can be found by visiting the resi website.

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