Home Loan & Mortgage Calculators

How to Calculate your Home Loan & Mortgage Repayments

Resi provides the following mortgage calculator tools to assist you in assessing your borrowing needs and repayment requirements. These home loan calculators can really help you understand the overall mortgage commitment and ways to reduce the term and interest you pay.

Click on a calculator that fits your situation and adjust the loan amounts and loan terms to find a loan repayment that you are comfortable with.

How much can I borrow?

This is the starting point for most people.It allows you to calculate your home loan or investment loan repayments. Adjust the loan amount or loan term to find a loan repayment you are comfortable with.

How much are my loan repayments?

This mortgage calculator gives you a good idea of what your monthly payments would be for a particular loan amount and interest rate.

How much stamp duty do I need to pay?

With all property related transactions, you are required to pay stamp duty. This calculator works out how much you will need.

Extra repayments

If you make regular, extra repayments above the minimum loan repayments, you will reduce the term of your loan AND your total interest bill on your loan. Work on how much here with this home loan calculator.

Lump sum repayments

If you make a one-off payment into your home loan, it can dramatically reduce the term of your loan AND reduce the total interest you will pay on your home. This mortgage calculator shows you how much.

Budget Planner

Enter your annual income and expenses in our helpful Budget Planning calculator. It can help you assess your financial position so you can start planning your future.

Note that we do not save any of the information you enter in the home loan calculators, so your privacy is protected.