Don’t quite fit the square?

Perhaps you have been to your bank and don’t quite fit their requirements? At Resi we recognise that one size does not fit all, as such we have product solutions designed to cater to a wider variety of customers than your typical bank.

Ranging from solutions for the self-employed, the short term employed to those that may have had some blemishes on their credit record, chances are that we at Resi have a solution.

Resi also offers loans for a wide variety of loan purposes.  Talk to your Resi accredited mortgage broker to find out more.

Here are some cases where we could provide you with a solution that more than typical banks don’t:

Self Employed specialists

If you have your financials available or not, we have the products and the team that take the time to understand your circumstances.

Newly Employed?

Still on probation or casually employed, we have solutions for you.

Previous credit issues or discharged from bankruptcy?

At Resi, we can consider past credit record blemishes. Our team works with you to understand what solutions we can offer you.

Need funding beyond typical purposes?

We can consider applications with elements of business purposes and repayment of tax debts.

Interested in speaking with one of our brokers?

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Interested in speaking with one of our brokers?

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